What in the world is Delta P ( ΔP ) ?

So– what in the world is Delta P … and no we’re not talking about your old Fraternity or Sorority.  Actually in the world of filtration Delta P (ΔP) is a very commonly used term, Delta P or its symbol usually refers to the pressure drop across a piping component such as a valve or industrial filter.   The symbol for Delta “Δ” (yes, it’s the Greek symbol) represents the ‘change’ in something; in this case a change, or drop, in pressure (p).

To determine the Delta P across a valve or filtration system with pressure gauges, just subtract the outlet pressure (P2) from the inlet pressure(P1) … yes, it’s that simple.

Here is an Example:

Valve 1 = 60 PSI – Valve 2 = 58 PSI

ΔP = 2
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