Dead Headed Piping – What is that?

We occasionally hear about a piping system that has been “Dead headed”, that is one of the downstream valves was closed against a running pump.

When this happens with a centrifugal pump, the pump “stalls” with no damage to the system.  However, when the pump happens to be a positive displacement type, the pump will continue to build pressure in the system. Without a relief valve between the pump and closed valve, something in the system will fail.  In the case where a Eaton strainer, Model 50, 5372 or 30 is installed between the pump and the closed valve, the cover O’ring generally fails after the system pressure has exceeded 450 psi.

Note: Eaton strainers are designed for 200 psi working pressure. They are individually tested to 300 psi. It is preferable there be no system failure, however, if something is going to fail due to excessive system pressure, the cover O’Ring failure may prevent catastrophic system damage and overall failure.

Remember proper system design includes installation of Eaton model 50, 72 and 30 strainers in systems that do not exceed the 200 psi* working pressure of the strainer.

For more information how Eaton filtration products can help you please contact you local Eaton sales representative today!


*Please note that Eaton’s 8″ Model 50 Strainer is rated at 150 psi operating pressure.


About Eaton's Filtration Business
Eaton’s Filtration business is a global leader in manufacturing filtration products that include automatic self-cleaning and fabricated pipeline strainers, mechanically cleaned filters and strainers, bag and cartridge filtration systems, and gas liquid separators for industrial customers worldwide.

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