What is the best perforation or mesh size for my filtration application?

The question of which perforation or mesh lining size to use comes up regularly. The basic rule is to use the coarsest size which will
strain out the debris to be removed. Using a finer size perf or mesh than needed will only result in premature clogging. When in doubt about which
of two perfs or mesh sizes to use, it is best ‘to choose the larger. Size the openings for one half of the particle size to be removed.

We are often asked – “what type of strainer would we recommend for a particular service”?  The answer depends on the application.
For equipment “protection”, we would generally recommend a Y-Strainer or a Tee type Strainer (relatively clean service conditions). For
“collection” we would suggest a basket type (dirty line with lots of debris). Temporary strainers (cone or basket type) are generally used for line
start-up then removed and replaced by permanent strainers at a later date.

For more information or to speak with an Eaton sales representative contact Eaton Filtration today.

About Eaton's Filtration Business
Eaton’s Filtration business is a global leader in manufacturing filtration products that include automatic self-cleaning and fabricated pipeline strainers, mechanically cleaned filters and strainers, bag and cartridge filtration systems, and gas liquid separators for industrial customers worldwide.

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